How Do You Handle a Group Such as Isis After the attacks on Paris?

How Do You Handle a Group Such as Isis After the attacks on Paris?


Last Friday I did what I always do when I go home. I go watch a football game and maybe go see some friends and hangout. On my way to the game, however, my phone alerted me with an ESPN news story saying there was an attack at the national soccer stadium in France during a game and President François Hollande was evacuated from the stadium. From there I watched my phone as a terrible force killed and devastated hundreds of innocent lives. So I decided to write my paper on this due to the friends I have who recently went into the military, with my best friend being a semper fi marine.

In the next couple of days ISIS a radical terrorist group took blame for the attacks and said there were more to come. Then the subject was brought up again, do they really have members in the United States? Or how do you stop or handle a group like Isis? And I decided to see if or how we will try and handle this extremely threatening situation, since 2001 it seems that the biggest fear in our great country as shifted from communism and financial despair. Now the fear of terrorism has made it to where many people feel as if they cannot trust their neighbor let alone a complete stranger. And according to Bill Chapel there is good reason people are so fearful with the government making the most arrest in link with terrorism this year since 2001.

It’s easy to say send troops overseas into unstable areas and take control and help the governments…. if you do not know or are close with any troops. But what most war-hungry citizens do not realize that is these soldiers who are propagandized as these great fearless heroes are brothers, friends, and sons. War is not your very best men fighting another groups very best men, its strategy where to put your men, air support, ground support, and even in a very rare situation your weapons of mass destructions. Even though they have not been used since World War II, there is always been a fear of a middle eastern country or a aggressive North Korea are very unstable and are always on the worlds radar for a war to break out. But unlike North Korea all of my sources agree that the radicals might make more money than some countries through the black market selling the artifacts they steal from the historical landmarks they go through.

But for now the biggest threat to our way of life is not nuclear war, it is the threat of another huge terror attack such as the attacks of September 11th. Since the summer of 2014, this small group that was looking to get rid of Western culture ideas has now grown to an organization that is not only challenging governments around the globe but is doing it with the same tactics Al Queda used over a decade ago. Fake passports, recruiting any and all nationalities, and using things such as social media as their sick and twisted stage to prove their point that they will do what they want when they want. So how do you battle a group of people who do not care if their caught, injured, or even killed, people who will even use their own bodies as a carrying device for homemade bombs? Well, according to Ken Ballen we need to go out and show these young men that these beliefs are not only wrong but are completely adjacent to their religious beliefs. And Newsome does not believe us as American’s will be involved unless there is another large scale terror attack on US soil.

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In this editorial in opinion peice by CNN’s Ken Ballen writes about ways to stop the organization by educating these young men who join that their faith does not promote violence it even says killing one innocent man is killing all of humanity. But he does not see that ISIS at that time is not our war. Maybe if we kept out of the problem they would stay out of our way but it’s far too late for that. He also speaks about Ahmad al-Shayea, and his story and how he now is a member of this extremist group and how young men like him are being brainwashed.

Newsome, Bruce. “How to Defeat ISIS (and Why It Probably Won’t Happen).” The Berkeley Blog RSS.

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He speaks directly on how ISIS funds itself and how alone they made twenty million in ransoms in 2014 alone let alone all the priceless pieces of art that are being sold on the black market and being ripped from their home and where they rightly belong. He says that it is hard with an ariel attack is too difficult because most of the members drive civilian cars and cannot be distinguished from a civilian’s car. He then explains that we will not be able to really end the threat of Isis because of the lack of stability in the Middle East and how hard it will be eliminating it because it is a state of mind more than a group these people really believe what they do is right and Godly.

Lister, Tim. “ISIS: The First Terror Group to Build an Islamic State? –” CNN. Cable News

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In this piece Tim Lister speaks on how successful this group has influenced the Middle East and even though being called a “Junior Varsity” team by our president, they continue to grow and take more of the land surrounding them. These extremists are being overlooked by the leaders of our country and it can be seen by the attention we have not shown ISIS in foreign affairs. Lister also talks and brings us to the beginnings of the Islamic State and its ties to Al-Queda. He then speaks on what Isis wants, Like Ballen they both make the assumption that they want to get rid of western culture and the ideologies that the west promotes, like equality for women and LGBT rights. It keeps the people around them happy by helping the needy and setting up welfare plans in the places they occupy.

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I decided to put a piece on what Isis looks like in America because its startling to think that something as tragic as Paris could happen here, but unfortunately the same people that shocked the world are not only here in America but are growing in numbers with the thousands of refugees coming through our border. He shows us charts on arrest made with Isis members and sympathizers this year is the most since 2001.

Pop Culture loses pulse to find new crave.

Chuck Klosterman, one of the authors in Lenoir Rhyne’s visitor writing series, goes into the new interest in the living dead many readers and television viewers are showing. He compares television viewership between the first episode of season 4 of “Breaking Bad” and the season premier of the AMC original series “The Walking Dead“, He shows us that the new flesh eating survivalist drama blows the popular show out of the water with a 5.2 to 2.9 ration of fans.(in millions) But it raises the question is that really a fair comparison? Most TV show premiers do very well and being a viewer of the walking dead its hard to correlate season premiers to a steady viewership due to fans losing interest or even getting mad at the show. In his piece he shows us the new craze of the living dead in todays pop culture. he also explains the process of killing zombies in a funny little four step process. I think that this was the most interesting piece we’ve done all year because of the appeal, as I said I’m a big walking dead fan and this had my full intention from the beginning.

Prep: Short and Tragic Life of Robert Peace

This is when a young Robert is beginning his tenure at St. Benedicts. He really does not like this school and his friends who go to east orange find it ironic that a guy like Robert would be going there. He then finds a way to play football at East and spends his first day picking broken glass of the field. After a month or so he was kicked off the team due to him not being a student at East. He used football to get through the day now he was faced with the problem of his image… His GPA was posted on the wall as one of three who had a 4.0 GPA. Kids began to think he was a suburbs kid who pretended to be hard. he then joins the swim team and becomes one of the best in the state when he graduates.

This is a very brief summary I see Robs life changing inn every chapter seeing he becomes popular through his bad boy actions but can keep his grades up is very impressive, another very interesting part is where Robs mom feels like she wins an argument with him when they argue about him going to East Orange. this is rare because most people don’t argue with their parents and not only does he do that he also feels as if he wins says how smart he really is.

Hidden Intellectuals: Societies Biggest Secret

In class we talked about a piece of the book “They say, I say” about how schools suppress and demoralize students who take interests into out-of-school topics. Gerald Graff Writes “What waste, we think, that one who is so intelligent about so many things in life seems unable to apply that intelligence into a school subject” (244). People who do not understand what a street smarts kid could do would think this is what Graff is trying to portray when he says this. “Hidden intellectuals” focuses on how the education system is flawed by not having more interesting topics for certain students who have heavy interests that are not often taught in a regular classroom setting.

I think that this piece of writing really does have some truth about today’s society, so many teachers not only reject the ideas that come outside of the classroom some even see students who participate in these things as less intellectual.

Growing up as a student athlete I had plenty of challenges inside and out of the classroom, To keep up with my school work and as a football player to be able to remember plays and formations or as a wrestler to keep my mind in the match and to know my opponents moves before he thinks of them is difficult but teachers would make it seem as if they thought I thought I was entitled to special treatment. So not only did I have the struggles with time I couldn’t get extensions other students would get for personal reasons because some teachers expected me of lying due to sports taking a large portion of my free time outside of school.

Plus, these students who do play sports have to be intellectual, what some people do not get is that these athletes have to be sharp a sports takes a whole lot more then athletic ability but also critical thinking because a wrong move can cost a team a lot. But teachers don’t take time to help these students because they have to deal with things outside of the classroom, and they don’t get paid based on how good students due so why try?

This is a huge problem in all levels of education from private to public teachers are more involved with their studies then how they teach says Declining by Degrees. Which not only leaves the students hanging it also hurts the companies that hire them. But if these teachers took the time to help these students and showed them how to do these things in a way that student could understand how much they could change the world for the bigger picture or just for that one kid.

Graff notes that “Sports introduced you to not only to culture steeped in argument, but to a public argument culture that transcended the personal.” (249). This is addressing how you could have an argument with an absolute stranger on a sports topic because it opens so many doors to communication. Sports bring people together, of it isn’t because someone is wearing the team you like its “oh well they lost last week to my favorite team” which can bring you into a good time or a heated discussion depending on what side you are.

I believe this to be true, when I wear my Nebraska shirt out I get approached all the time with people who are a fan or just wanting to talk about college football which makes it easier for someone who is shy around new people like me. I love to talk about sports to anyone who will listen and cares. Or people who will wear the team who wins the championships gear will be approached with the question “are you really a true fan or a bandwagon fan?” A bandwagon fan is someone who joins a team’s fan base due to a certain player or if a team is very successful

I believe that teachers or professors who try and connect with students based on student’s beliefs will connect and grab their attention more, which could help those same kids learn how to do something new or teach them with something they struggle with. This is not only beneficial for the students but an employer who wants someone who is engaged and knows what their dong compared to someone who can cheat the system or who gets passed on which happens a lot in the public education system.

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Jaki Shelton Green

Grandmother one is a poem about a grandmother who is always working, if it is with dough, or the figurative meaning of growing scissors, she is never in any down time as the author uses different devices to show you how much she really does.

Observing this poem I came upon some very interesting things the author does like he doesn’t give the grandmother a name other then “one” which i believe he is trying to reach his readers by having them paint their own picture of maybe their grandmother or maybe another person in their life is like grandmother one. To me it reminds me of my aunt because she loves to cook and work in her garden. They also do not capitalize i which also shows shes not the important piece of the poem.

Jaki Shelton Green is part of my schools visitor writing series. Visitor page